We started with an epiphany of an idea. Often, an epiphany begins with a small, everyday occurrence or experience and ours was no different... 

In mid-November 2018, James Warner, our founder and CEO was relaxing & watching one of the Marvel Avengers movies one evening on his mobile phone and he noticed that his hand was cramping up. His first thought was I need something to hold my phone. No, no. I need a hand holding my phone. Scratch that, I need a HULK hand holding my phone!

In a span of 30 seconds, MobiMitts™, Jabberwocky Toys’ first collectable product was conceived. After many ideation sessions, our second collectable toy, Blown Ups!™ soon followed.  

Like most creative ventures, we started as a small passionate team with over 30+ years of collective experience, having worked for and with clients like Activision / Skylanders / Guitar Hero, Red Bull, Verizon / AT&T, Mattel, Hasbro, Toys R Us, just to name a few. So here we are, 18months later, preparing for the grand unveiling at the 2020 New York Toy Fair!


We design for safety, then we test to make sure. 

We’re human. We’re betting you are too. Fortunately, this is also who we design and make toys & collectibles for – humans of all ages, from children to grownup collectors.  

Jabberwocky Toys stands behind the toys and collectibles we make. We’re responsible for product quality and safety – and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly. 

Ages 6+ 

The toys we make for children meet and exceed all safety standards and regulations. Safety considerations begin with the earliest design phases. During production we work with accredited labs to perform independent safety tests for children’s toys as required for each region the toys will be distributed in. 

Some of the things we test for include: 

Mechanical hazards: toys are subjected to drop tests, push/pull tests, choking/suffocation tests, and sharpness and puncture tests. Chemical/toxicological hazards, including soluble heavy metals: tests are run on the toys’ materials and their surface coatings to check for harmful substances like lead, mercury, and phthalates. Flammability hazards: toys are tested to ensure that they don’t easily ignite. Packaging & labeling: toy packaging and labels are verified to ensure they meet all guidelines and include all required elements


Making toys happily and responsibly. 

Being responsible and ethical isn't just the right way to do business, it's the only way. 

Jabberwocky Toys exists to create happy karma. We also make toys & collectibles for the world’s best brands. This means not only delivering fantastic toys, but also caring about workers at our factories and about our clients brand image and reputation. 

All Jabberwocky toys and collectables are created with sustainability and responsibility in mind. 


Our Principals in Manufacturing 

For us, play is a way of life at Jabberwocky Toys – it’s a principle that extends through all links in our toy making chain, including our factory partners. 

Clear Expectations: Careful planning means being clear about the quality and production timelines that we require from our factory partners. No one likes having stressful surprises sprung on them! 

Fair Pay: We pay our factories fairly so workers are paid well and treated well. Our factory teams are a respected part of the Jabberwocky Toys team and deserve to be play too! 

Compliance Audits: To ensure full and long-term compliance, our factories are regularly audited under consumer CSR programs and brand-specific codes of conduct. For our toy factory partners, this includes the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) CARE Process 

Active Support: Jabberwocky Toys provides active support to our factories by helping to develop and implement systems, corrective action plans, and improvements that adhere to CSR compliance. 

Zero Tolerance: Jabberwocky Toys does not stand for any ethical or worker welfare violations. Serious actions cannot be remedied, and will result in the immediate cessation of work. This includes worker abuse, underage or forced labor, unsafe working conditions, corruption, falsification of records, human rights violations, unlawful behavior, or discrimination.  


Social Compliance Means Good Working Conditions 

Jabberwocky Toys’ factories follow the ICTI CARE Process, which is the most well-known compliance program in the toy making world. This mandates safe and legal working conditions for manufacturing staff, and sets various employment and environmental standards that factories must adhere to. 

If our clients have preferred audit programs and/or specific codes of conduct (e.g., SA8000, WRAP, or BSCI), Jabberwocky Toys is more than willing to accommodate each individual client’s needs and arrange independent audits. 

Preserving a Happy Planet 

Toys that Keep Going: No one likes a toy that falls apart during normal play and handling. The best (and most environmentally-sustainable) toys last for a long time, so they can be played with and enjoyed for many years. That’s why we only make high quality toys from the best materials available, and to create collector quality toys we only use brand new materials during production. Plastics and pre-consumer materials leftover from production are collected and recycled by other factories for use in other consumer products. 

It’s a Wrap: We design our toys’ packaging using recyclable Earth-friendly materials when possible. 

Office Waste: Our team are avid reducers, reusers ("GOOSe" paper anyone?), and recyclers (yeahhh, blue bins!).  


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